September Timely Topic will be a panel discussion on Health Care

The date is Wednesday, September 27th at Suntree Country Club.Details will be announced soon.

Constitution Revision Commission - CRC

What is the CRC? - Florida Constitution requires that every twenty years that the CRC meets to consider changes to the Florida Constitution.

The Role of the League of Women Voters is to educate, engage and empower Florida citizens.

The Commission is a group of 37 people who will review and recommend changes to Florida's Constitution.

The Governor appoints 15, Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives appoints 9, President of the Forida Senate appoints 9, Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court appoints 3 and the Attorney General of Florida serves on the Commission.

Meetings are starting now and they will finish work in 2018 and Florida Voters will vote on these proposals in November 2018 election. 60% of votes on a change becomes part of the Florida Constitution.

It only takes 22 votes of the 37 commissioners to put a change on the ballot.

For details on these commissioners and updates on CRCFlorida Constitution Revision Commission

Florida Solar United Neighborhood

The League of Women Voters Florida and Community Power Network, a DC based solar non-profit network, have joined forces to create FL SUN. The goal of FL SUN is to expand access to solar by educating Floridians about the benefits of distributed solar energy, helping them organize group solar installations, and strengthen Florida's solar policies and its community of solar supporters.

Information on Florida Sun Florida Sun

Link to Lorraine Koss interview with WFIT found on FL Sun website under "Who We Are - in the news link"

2016-2017 Recycling Awards Program for Brevard County Schools

As we bring this year's award to a close, we would like to thank you for your school's participation and the submission of such wonderful projects to the 2016-2017 League of Women Voters of the Space Coast Recycling Awards. It is extremely gratifying to receeive such creative entries showing great enthusiasm toward recycling and helping our planet. Our judges had a hard time selecting the projects that should receive an award.

The judges this year were: Andrea Bolitho and Wanda Scanes - Brevard County Solid Waste Management Department, Anne Everly and Joseph Montemurno - Brevard County Schools, Hope and Larry Ascher - League of Women Voters.

2017 Winners are:

Freedom 7 Elementary School

Herbet C. Hoover Middle School

Palm Bay Magnet High School

Honorable Mention has been accorded to Lewis Carroll Elementary School and Stone Magnet Middle School.

These schools will be receiving a certificate of participation from League of Women Voters of the Space Coast in recognition of your participation in the Recycling Awards and efforts demonstrated in regards to recycling in your school.

We hope this project leads you to others and that you consider participating in our Recyling Awards again next year.

Marcia Booth - LWVSC Recycling Awards Coordinator

Recycle Brevard's new Drop Off Location for Hard -to-Recycle and Terracycle Materials

The new recycling facility is located at 1535 Cogswell Street - suite C-15 in Rockledge.

The new facility, a drop-off location for hard-to-recycle materials, will provide ways to divert even more discards from the landfill by being a source for reusable items and also by offering collection of recyclables on a small scale.

The goal of opening this location is to provide a way to divert even more items from the landfill and make it easier for our neighbors and local businesses to commit to the practice of the 3Rs while enabling us to invest in our eductional programs and community projects.

Recycling Facility Hours are Monday to Friday 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The Save our Indian Lagoon 1/2 cent sales tax referendum.

This requires that the money be deposited to a Save Our Lagoon Trust Fund solely for approved projects with citizen commmittee oversight and annual independent audits

League member Lorraine Koss has been appointed by Brevard County Commissioners to the seven-member Citizen Oversight Committee and has been elected Chair. Seven alternates were also appointed. All appointments are for two years of the 10-year plan.

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